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Just received this email and wanted to pass it on for those who may not be NRA members (shame on you:D) or those who aren't on their email list.

"The battle to save our Second Amendment freedoms is raging right now.

And if you saw any coverage of this week's Senate hearings on gun control, you know the media elites and the gun ban lobby are running wild with half-truths, deceptions, and downright lies about you, me and our gun rights.

So I'm going on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace to set the record straight! Please watch at 9:00 a.m. ET this Sunday - and tell your family, friends and fellow gun owners to watch as well.

As always, thank you for your support and your willingness to STAND AND FIGHT with me and NRA.

I've never been more grateful to have you fighting by my side.


Wayne LaPierre
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Think they will let him speak? I foresee "technical difficultys" happening at the perfect time...
Unfortunately... the interview will be broadcast at about the same time that they (local stations) will be required to conduct their monthly "Emergency Broadcast System" tests.

We may only hear this while Wayne talks...

Emergency Alert System - YouTube


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On FOX News..... I'm pretty sure they will let him speak...

Have you ever watched FOX news before?

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jeepman775:15578481 said:
What would that be in Nevada time? Pain in the ass to try to find from my phone.

Though it is likely they will show it at a regular time for the pacific.

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On FOX News..... I'm pretty sure they will let him speak...

Have you ever watched FOX news before?
Chris Wallace is no friend of the 2nd.

And he was not a fair interviewer this morning.

another thing they need to shut down the claim of 1.8 million people not elgible to buy being stopped from buying firearms. A big percentage of those include those improperly identified
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