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I went through some water and toasted my trans. At the moment, it is getting rebuilt along with the changing of gear oil and an oil change.

I have a 98 dodge and after i went through the deep hole, the truck brought me over 80 miles back home. The engine ran fine but i just want to make sure there isn't any water in it so that it won't be waiting to kill my truck.

So my question is, how can i check to make sure that i didn't get water in the engine? It hasn't shown any signs of screwin up in those 80+ miles after i hit the water, but i am just trying to prevent problems.

I did a search before i posted so i wouldn't get hazed, but all i could find is ways to prevent water from gettin in, not really on how to check to see if it is there. So i have two basic questions:

how can i make sure water isn't in the engine?
Could water get in and hurt anything else besides the diffs, trans, hubs and engine (given the fact that the axle seals are good)?

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