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Ok A-Holes

Its been killing me keeping this a secret, but its time to let the cat out of the bag, a little bit! :flipoff2:

I am proud to announce that Baja Overland LLC (www.bajaoverland.com) has teamed up with the Procinctu Tactical Training Facility (website soon) to build and race an 80 series Land Cruiser in this years Baja1000!

We are in the Stock Full class and are # 876! The class consists of an 08 Tundra, Us, and a bunch of H1 Hummers!

This year is the 40th Anniversary and the race is going all the way from Tijuana to Cabo San Lucas! The course is 1296 Miles with a time limit of 53 hours!

The core build/race team consists of 4 friends, 3 of which are Land Cruiser nuts (one of which is POR's own "cruiserbrett" and the other is a hot rod builder. We are building this thing basically from scratch!

The 4 of us building the truck are also the 4 driving it!

We are breaking up the driving duties into (4) 325 Mile legs!

Yours Truly is driving the first leg and just my luck, i have the legendary Chad Hall, who has won the last 3 Baja 1000s in a row starting directly behind me! Jerry Zaiden (owner of camburg) who is racing the insanely cool new 08 Tundra is starting directly in front of me! Jeez, talk about pressure!

This has been an insanely involved project, but we have a ton of great sponsors helping us out and are very eager to do this!

Toyota Trails is covering the entire build of the truck and the race for us over 3 different issues!

If you arent a TLCA member, get on it! :D The 3rd Issue (for the race) will have us on the cover!

Until the first issues are in members hands, i am sworn to secrecy over builld details, but here are some sneek peaks:

The Victim, very nice 93 FZJ80 with Factory Lockers:

The result as of last week:

More Details Coming In The Next Issue Of Trails


Baja Overland: http://www.bajaoverland.com/
Procinctu Tactical Training Facility (website soon)
Toyota Trails Magazine: http://www.tlca.org/trails/
SD Trux: http://www.sdtrux.com
Trail Ready Race Beadlocks: http://www.trailready.com
Sway-A-Way Shocks: http://www.swayaway.com/
TLC Wagon Parts: http://www.tlcwagonparts.com/
BFGoodrich Tires: http://www.bfgoodrichtires.com
Vision X Lighting: http://www.visionxoffroad.com/
Mobi-Arc Onboard Welders: www.mobi-arc.com
Equipt Expedtion Outfitters: http://www.equipt1.com
Poly Performance: http://www.polyperformance.com/
Cruiseroutfitters: http://www.cruiseroutfitters.com/
Front Range Offroad: http://www.frontrangeoffroadfab.com
Diamond Axle: http://www.diamondaxle.com
Crow Enterprises Safety Gear: http://www.crowenterprizes.com/
Direct Concept Engineering: www.directconcepteng.com
Adventure Medical Kits: http://www.adventuremedicalkits.com/
Great Lakes Waterjet: http://www.greatlakeswaterjetinc.com/
Slee Offroad: http://www.sleeoffroad.com
Bengels Offroad: http://bengelsoff-road.com/
Driveline Service of Portland, Inc. : http://www.driveshafts.com/
Total Vision Products: http://www.totalvisionproducts.com/
Racers Only: http://www.racers-only.com/

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:grinpimp: FAWK YEAH!!!!!! Looking forward to all the details!

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Very cool! Looks like a 6k lb rig to me but whatever. If you were planning on using BFG I hope you already signed up, they're limiting to the first 100 this year!

See you down there!


<edit - I see you're running stock full. Good luck!>

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just don't roll it over like the guys doing the documentary did that had the FJ Cruiser - before the race even started! :grinpimp:

great idea!


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there was a guy about 8-9 years ago that built an 80 series and raced. i belive it was in stock class aswell. he did finish the race. it was a 92 80 with the 3FE. he had a website along time ago that had build pictures.

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