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I run 36 iroks on my rig with 5.29's and ARB's and of course longfields. I almost always leave my front locker on just because. I can't see a difference between having the locker on all the time in off road conditions and turning it off and on once in a while. If bobbies axles are built to withstand 40 inch plus tires fully locked and what not what is the difference between having a spooled or welded from off road than an ARB. I have had no problems with my longfields whatsoever and I have had them in for 3 years. Granted I did have to get my old set warrantied after 2 and a half years of hard wheeling but they arent nearly as strong as the new design.

What I'm saying is I don't see a difference in normal off road use with a spool, welded front or ARB. I can see that maybe the parts would fatigue quicker with high speed uses and stresses but with the average rock crawler the three are all locked all the time, if desired with an ARB, and all put the same stresses on the same things.
I run a ARB front an dnever turn it on unless I need it, if I had a ARB in the rear I would do the same thing. Try wheeling with it off and discover how much more fun wheeling can be:smokin:.
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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