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Firescooby said:
F-550 prior to 2005 had GVWR of 17,500 and 2005+ has 19,000. We've got an F-550 crew cab with 12 foot rescue body, tools, hydraulic generator, etc with four ff's weighing 200+ each plus PPE. Total weight of vehicle with crew is about 17-18k and that thing SCREAMS!!! We have one 2004 6.0 and two 2002 7.3's and the 6.0 will walk off and leave the 7.3's.
You have always been able to get the 550 in 19000 gvw it was an option in the 2wd modles
I have an 04 550 that I am really impressed with the proformance of. It will out run my 99 7.3 hands down theres no comparison in my mind . But I hope the tranny will hold up because I'm on #2 with 7200 miles its the auto.
The truck wieghs 17500 all the time with utility body crane welder ect.

I think the trucks are some what under built for the wieght rating and if the trany failes again I'm gona make ford partisipate in upgrading to a 650 they will get tired of replaceing trannies and I can't deal with the down time

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