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jasonmt said:
Thats pretty strange considering mine weighed in just under 3700kg (8150#'s)when I first got it, with both tanks full and me inside. GVWR on it is 7940kg (17,500#'s) and I have it licensed for a GCWR of 20,400kg (45,000#'s) With the deck, engine drive, Ar/Oxy/Acet and a whole bunch of other stuff it is ~7350kg (16,200#'s). The GVW is 5000#'s more than a similar F-350 while only weighing ~750#'s more than the F-350.
i wouldn't want a truck that is within 1300#'s of the gvw before i loaded any projects in it.ford is selling these trucks as crew cab 4x4s also. just a crew cab 2 wheel drive 450 with a mini dump bed(with plywood sides) is 12,800#'s(with a 15,000# gvw) without anybody in it. i'm glad you're happy with yours...just spouting my .02. :)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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