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Wenzel is at it again! See the latest anti-OHV lies in the SB Sun. “Supervisors catering to ORV lobby”, D.S. Wenzel Posted: 02/23/2010 09:24:12 PM PST. Hear the pod-cast too (half way down the left side)


Among other things, Wenzel does not mention the revisiting hearing two and a half years ago when the supervisors all agreed to do something about the unfair staging permit portion of 3973!

The SB Sun needs to be inundated with replies, comments and protests about this editorial by Wenzel whom they claim to be a staff writer.

Please pass it on!

Note: Klasky the COW Dude was officially notified last November that Supervisors Mitzelfelt and Derry would be bringing their recommendation to the Board. But he and COW (and everyone else) have been expecting it since August 2007.

It may actually happen next month so we cannot let Wenzel’s lies go unaddressed!

Keep your fingers crossed and your eyes peeled for the hearing date Please be ready to attend and support our Supervisors! They see no need for a staging permit because there is none. The three year trial has proven that!

Mike Hawkins
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