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What can a Miller Syncrowave 180 do?

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Another welding ???

What can it do? How thick of aluminum can it weld? How thick of mild steel?

Is this a good machine for tubing? How about steel sheetmetal (bodywork).

I can weld with a wire-feed welder, but am looking for the most versatile machine I can get, and I don't want to be held back by a big investment in a high-end MIG machine that won't do some things very well. 4x4 is not my only interest, delicate welding is in my future and for this I beleive I need a TIG machine.

Is this it? Is this a hobby machine that will fit our sport and have the adaptability I desire? Tell about this thing, or suggest another please.
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Thermal Arc 185 seems to be a superior machine for home use. Inverter technology negates the >50amp line draw of the Syncrowave 180, and there are a few wave features on the T/A machine that make it more useful in the future. Also puts out tremendous power for it's size. I guess I answered my own question, that's what I'm shooting for.
CJDave said:
I have a 180, It is a excelent machine. I have never needed more power than it puts out yet. I don't use the tig for real heavy stuff, but for .120 wall tube it is sweet. I use the stick feature more than anything. It does aluminum nice, I have tiged up to 1/4" Al plate and it was fine. I have also done thin al and ss down to say 16GA and it works great.
Wow 1/2" Al? Damn thanks for the reply. I figured I would use the stick most as well, but I want the TIG machine available.

hoehand said:
Yeah I've been reading the archives for days over there...
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