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They are 63.5" WMS-WMS, bigger brakes than the mini truck, they come with drive flanges, but you can put the mini truck lockout hubs on them, thay bolt right on, or buy some new AVM hubs from Slee offroad.
The birfeilds are bigger, and if you got the ones from Bobby Long, they are suppose to be stronger than the dana 60.
They are lighter than a dana60, out of all the axles out there, it is my second choice to the dana 60 front.
The steering arm is on the right side bottom, but it angles up, it is easy to make a drop drag link to the arm, kinda like the chevy, that ORD makes, or the fabtech jeep kit.
I`am selling an FJ80 complete with E-locker hub to hub and with tie rod.
I was going to put it in my toy truck, but decided to build my FJ40 instead, with a 5.3 vortech, and dana 60, 70 axles.
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