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Just stay home. Fashion on the lakebed is not a competition. :flipoff2:
Are you sure....you obviously haven't been paying attention to the 12% women population out there . Fully Fashion :grinpimp:

Yep, flip flops - Your from Michigan, 30 at night should be warm :)

Or the fluffy fancy boots

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This is a great thread. i am originally from Michigan (the mitten).

Just run those Teva river sandals and White socks:flipoff2:

Speaking of fashion on the lakebed, I have submitted paperwork to Hammerking Prod to BAN ALL MEN FROM WEARING SKIRTS (or Kilts). That shit isn't cool. If i want to see old dudes wearing skirts I will watch freaking Braveheart.
1 - 20 of 21 Posts
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