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so I made this video for a Film School project

Using Adobe Premiere, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe After Effects.. and then I had to run it through Premiere again to shrink the file size

there are character/etc effects at the beginning and at the 4 minute mark.. at that 4 minute mark, the graphic I made on the upper right corner was difficult to figure out how to put on the video, with the background showing through.. I spent some good time making the logo too...


I'm putting this at the beginning and the end..

I got a B on this project... and a B on the class
Introduction to Radio/Television/Film

Im very happy with that..

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has is on a bus CEO uh it's
entertainment hi you five one two out of
Austin Texas a muscle community
coordinator for 12 years in the city of
Austin and what we do is we help
coordinate a lot of school festivals
community functions church events to
help create finances for a lot of these
places their encounter financial
turmoils especially with a lot of these
schools that don't really have much
finances or community involvement
what we help do is come in and do school
festivals to help create the finances
through ticket sales and what these
finances do is they help finance for
after-school programs educational field
trips and any educational necessities
that schools may need which has led me
throughout the years and working with
the music is starting up this company ie
five one two and since entertainment was
to create an outlet for artists
engineers producers entrepreneurs
promoters anybody in the entertainment
or music business and needed an outlet
to be able to reach out to the next
level that's what I do
oh one of my songs was uh was aired on
Fox TV show was called Lethal Weapon it
was actually a great movie I like to
learn the 80s
I mean why was just amazing you know the
way the
movies were changing up and diversifying
into you know hard times and whatnot
that impact something to me as as a
youngster and inspired me in the
entertainment business you know and then
it just so happened to be that way in
the Fox did this remake with the Warner
Brothers I'm like man you know I'm
hoping that it really there really
touches the same basis and has the same
attitude that the movies did and the
early eighties and yeah it did you know
it actually sir came to what it needed
to be and I was pretty amazed and became
a fan of the show and I mean I I take it
by you know that's grace you know that
um I was blessed to have gotten this
phone call and they were interested in
one of my songs called give my money and
give my money then from Danny
I had received a phone call saying that
I owned him and at first we thought that
it was uh we thought that it was a hack
we thought it was somebody just trying
to you know get us for what lad was just
a scam and three emails back and forth
we ended up finding out his credentials
and who he was and you know it really
was what they said it was and then after
that you know we talked about how the
song will come out on the show that we
would receive our royalties throughout
that you know from then on out and
getting my IMDB credits you know it was
a big move for instance entertainment of
the time you know it really really gave
a kickoff to what a lot of the music
that I've been working on end up it's
finally let me see that all the work
that I've been putting in there starting
to pay off somewhere another with your
ie5 one to label do have a central team
of video graph video grabbers making
music videos or do the different artists
just branch out on their own it could go
both ways if the artist has their own
financial means and they have their own
people that they want to do their videos
and they bring them along in we help
them throughout whatever they need done
with my label I if I want to we have on
videographers we have our own
photographers you know that we deal with
ourselves that come out they put in the
work you know they get paid someone do
it you know for the movement to keep
everything going and to keep it strong
and actually
one of my artists is also a partner of
mine and his company those were little
he just graduated with the bachelors in
radio and television and film from UT
right from UT from University in Texas
congratulations a - yesterday's we're
very proud of them and that gives us a
bigger push as well and being a part of
the team and having this now you know it
gives us an extra outlet now to
expanding a lot more okay if any have
you had many experiences with local
cable stations yeah a lot of the vote
the local stations here are magic video
is one of them man they've shown us so
much love since 2005 believers 2009 you
know they've been behind us they've been
behind that movement on videos
everything we got going on the highest I
want to movement alone itself the
community works I've gotten awards to
them they really supported a lot of my
movement and then also being interviewed
by a Fox 7 here in Austin Texas you know
along with my song being put on console
eat the weapon and it mean that Fox's
the station that lethal weapon was on I
got an interview through case of
Claybourne and it was amazing that they
were able to let me voice who I actually
am coming out of the city so that way
the city knows and is recognized by who
I if I want to listen who Martin boss my
penises out here and a lot of the
community work that I'm doing because
that's something that we've been really
wanting to to reach out to the schools
into other cities you know we've worked
in multiple schools in North East and
South Austin from element
junior High's in high schools to
surrounding cities in Pflugerville Round
Rock and Manor and you know it's a real
positive movement that we got going on
and it's real impactful towards a lot of
this young youth that is out there and
I've even gotten the chance to come out
and speak to the Hat risk youth and you
know just be able to give them my
testimony of what I've been through and
what not but then also getting involved
with other uh I'm sorry get involved
with other events that we've also helped
put together and be a part of which are
the anti-bullying suicide awareness
events what do you recommend many people
to rock to do or learn if they want to
have an impact in autumns growing
digital marketplace and like as far as
equipment you know everything goes I
mean even from not like you know from
phones to hi phones with the cameras
being updated a lot and updated and a
lot of these phones people do tend to
use their phones but you know the ones
that really want to get that good visual
they start upgrading and the cameras
that they have and you know going up to
the red cams you know when it gets a
little bit more high-def more
professional for them also just staying
out there like being a part of the buzz
you know six feet is the life capital of
light music you know I mean it all comes
from here from rock to jazz to hip-hop
to poetry to you name it I mean every
genre of music comes out of Austin Texas
and you know one of the lessons right
now to get recognized for a lot of our
artists you know besides the rock that
has come out of here you know we're
trying to make an impact on a variety of
as well all right well thank you very
mush thank you

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Im using one of these, cuz most tripods (including mine) are not tall enough.. unless you want to pay hundreds of dollars..


the camera was not moving that much, yet with just one leg, sometimes its more difficult than other times.. to keep it still..
meanwhile you could have shot a 10x better video on a moden smart phone with a cheap gimble.


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Hey ArTi54N,

Zero bullshit. Best I can offer you. Take if for what it's worth.

Thanks for making your video feedback request thread understandable. Significant improvement is sincerely appreciated.

Because of that, I looked at the video, but I have no encouragement nor helpful feedback to offer on that subject.

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I call bullshit, I just watched the first 45 seconds or so, again..

there was just barely a little movement at one point,
however, for the most part I kept it pretty steady..

I think people are just taking it for granite that there would be movement..
and those people are just talking shit.. and did NOT watch..
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