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1981 Ford F-350; 1-Ton Camper Pick-up

4-Wheel Drive (with Locking Hubs)
4-Speed Stick - Compound Low
4:11 Rear End Positive Traction (I was told)
84,500 Miles on truck
65,000 Miles Rebuilt Engine
Higher Lift Cam and 3-Seated Valves
454-Cubic Inch with Headers and Custom Exhaust
All universal joints replaced in 1994
New Radiator, Hoses and Belts.
Higher Output Alternator for Duel Batteries.
Second battery and Camper Plug-in
Slide out bumper with trailer receiver and running light pig-tail
4-New Tires +/-500 Miles
Radio/CD Player
Extra Parts & Manuals
Very mechanically sound.Third Owner with receipts. This is a great and reliable Work-Truck for the Contractor, Landscaper, Boater-tow, or Outdoor enthusiast.
Obviously the guy is confused about the engine.. and I'm guessing there is either mis information, confusion or lies around the mileage/rebuilt engine miles...

Is there anything about this particular year that says stay away? What kind of tranny does it have?

He is asking $3850

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Well I was looking around for a one-ton Ford myself not to long ago myself, so here is what I learned... Most '81 came with 400M as the biggest motor you could get (I think in 1980 and 1981 you could not order a 460 with a 1 ton). The chassis for the `80 and `81 were not as solid as later years as they would rust a lot easier and develop cracks a lot quicker then say an `82 or later chassis. So I would have to agree this truck would have to be stunning for that type of money. I almost bought a similar truck but with a 400M, new tires with a wheel lift (tow truck style wheel lift) for $2K.

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Go look at it I know several people who have swapped chevy motors 350 & 454's into the early 80's fords since the 460 wasn't an option and the 400 left you wishing for more power or swapping in 460's in there so go take a look at the truck and see what it is in reality if he's telling you the wrong engine then leave because he doesn't know anything.
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