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What is.........

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the dumbest thing you have ever done involving a Land Cruiser, the thing you said to yourself, WTF was I thinking!!!!!!!!!!!!
If it's OK with Dog Walker, lets say Monday I'll let him or the person of his choice judge to determine the dumbest thing posted for a LSLC cap.

There is a very nice 76 Cruiser here that belongs to one of my customers. (he has lots of $$$$) I did all of the work on it, and it is beautiful. SO SR 35's etc. It has an aluminum head LT1 with a thumper cam, fenderwell headers, and it sounds like a Winston Cup engine. He brings it up once a year and leaves it for a week or so, and has me service it and just go over it from end to end. He expects me to drive it and make sure everything is OK while I have it. One sunny Sunday afternoon, I had to run up to the O Reilly's auto parts store for something, had Oscar, the wifes min-schnauzer with me. There was 5 or 6 guys out front hanging out and they checked the FJ over pretty good while I was inside, they were impressed when I fired it up so I decided to show off a bit when I left, lit the tires up good in 1st, bang shifted into 2nd, and POW CRASH EEEEEKKKK, I struggled to control the rig with the rear tires locked up and managed to veer over towards the curb away from the oncoming traffic. We stopped with the RF tire barely onto the curb. I looked over at Oscar and he cocked his head like the RCA dog as if to say "Well that was interesting" I looked back and there was the driveshaft, pinion yoke still attached and a stream of 90 wt following us to the curb.
Yea, I broke a pinion on the street.
Had to catch a ride with one of the guys I was impressing to get the wrecker to retrieve the truck........bought some oil dry and swept up my mess......to this day the owner knows nothing of this, not that he would care:flipoff2: :flipoff2:
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Butch, sounds like fun!

#1 I did the same exact thing as you did! Years ago when I was like 16 or 17 I too was showing off in front of a gas station and lit the tires up (3spd) and sprung over with 38" Monster Mudders and a pumped up 302, anyways, when I hit second gear at about 30mph or so! BANG.........driveshaft flew out the driver side and SMACK!!!! hit an old Ford truck driving in the lane. I walked home and my Dad drove me back to the side of the road where I then replaced the pinion. Good times!

#2 In that same decade, it was a late evening while cruising down the highway with a buddy and a 12 pack of beer looking for chicks. We were doing about 70mph or so when I started to feel a big time vibration (I knew it was the u-joint about to let go).

Then a Sheriff decided to tailgate me, as I slowed down the rear driveshaft let go! BAM.....CRASH...... Yep, it smashed into the cop car!

The cool part was that they thought we chucked somthing at them, so when we stopped they had us at gun point! You know the drill, on the ground, a few kicks, alot of cussing! In the end they took our beer and drove us home.

#3 Last one (I'll make it real short) This incident also around the same time (16 or 17 years old). We were hanging out one weekend at the "cruise" Thats were teenagers drive up down a stretch of road in the city and cause trouble and look for chicks! And show off what they've got under the hood!

So I used to like to drag race my cruiser as much as possible, anyways we were racing a Mustang from stop light to stop light, when hauling some ass I noticed the Mustang was no longer along side me? What a sissy!!! (we're yellin and screamin, havin' a good ol time) Look up, RED LIGHT...... Car in front of me just so happens to be a CHP! No breaks, I start double, tripple pumpin the breaks, no luck.........Finally one front wheel locks up, we go into a skid sideways and turn at the last second and launch past the cop off the road, over the sidewalk, and thru a lawn in front of a Toy's R us.

Yep, I got in trouble.

Thats enough stories for now.:)
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So are you or some of your compadres at POR gonna pick us a winner?
Sure, I'll do it. On Monday?
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