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According to Warn's website (http://warn.com/truck/winches/src/M8274-50.shtml) my 8274 can draw as much as 450 amps :eek: during a full 8000lb pull. This makes me realize that my current wiring setup may be not be up to snuff.

Currently I'm using:
2 Exide Orbital Blue-tops
Perko battery selector switch rated at 250 amps continuous, 360 amps intermittent
2 gauge Monster Cable

Per this table http://xtronics.com/reference/wire_gauge-ampacity.htm it looks like my 2 gauge is only rated to 181 amps. Also per that website, it doesn't look like even 4/0 cable would be up to the task, rated at 380 amps - although that's probable a rating for continuous duty.

Also I see Perko makes a HD dual battery switch rated for 380 amps continous, 850 amps intermittent. It's $100, do I need it?
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