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Dave, hate to say it, but your in the wrong forum.. go back, then click down to the tow rigs and trailers forum.. you will get some good answers there.

Here are some links to posts on truck tires:

My personal opinion, i would leave the tires stock size, and go with a bridgestone mud.. but that is only because of family experience with bridgestone vs. mitchlen tires

the bridgestone mud is rated at 2245 with a 265/75/16, 3305 with a 285/75 16
then the dunlops are rated at 3000 lbs with a 265/75/15, 3305 with a 285/75 16

And just as a side note, the tires on your bros f-250 are rated at 3042 lbs.


Edit: knowing your inferiorority problems, I would go with a tire of at least 3055 lb rating so that you have one up on your bro.. I love hearing all the reasons why your 360 dodge is better than his powerstroke :flipoff2:

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I have had good luck with the Big-O X/Ts I had run. Their 315.75.16's I had were 3045 lb each and wore really well and the tread is a cross between and AT and MT design. Did good in mud, rocks, trail running. Strong sidewall and wore even. I put 40k on mine wiht a rear locker and my buddy that bought them put another 10k before they had to be replaced.

They are fairly quiet and fairly inexpensive for the size/tread. Also, Big-O has a kick-ass warranty, especially their road hazard.

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Get a leveling kit for the front and run the 315/75/16's and call it good! Discount tire has a few options on tires in that size.. I don't know if you can get them in the same load range d, as you have though, are you going to be towing alot?
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