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This has been discussed before, but here is a quote from Clifton at Posin Spyder
The split is pretty simple, Steve and I feel like we have are own style to present to the off road world, and feel it can be best sought seperatly. The Avalanche team is resourceful and talented and I'm sure will continue to be a positive force in our industry. Spyder customs will continue to support our manufactured components and create new innovations that will reach every level of enthusiest. Steve's group has a strong flavor for competition wich I'am sure they will continue. I will applaud thier achievements in placement and their victories. Although Spyder customs is entering competition later this year, our main focus will be in the recreational relm with a strong overtone of hotrod and function. It is sad to segregate Avalanche and dwell over the energy spent to build the name, however Steve and I have both benifitted greatly from the association. Our contingent is excited to disentangle and cast Spyder customs with our own merit. Thank you for your interest, Clifton
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