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where can i get a factory rear locker for a tacoma?

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i am currently searching local junkyards for a factory locker with no luck thus far. i cannot seem to find a way to find junkyards online, so a phone book has been my only friend in this matter.
i was hoping maybe someone could help me out with any or all of these probs. i would really like to find one of these lockers because of there full selectability. an ARB air locker would be about as expensive it would seem but i just seem to be hooked on the factory one. <IMG SRC="smilies/smile.gif" border="0">

97 tacoma
6inches of lift
33inch mud kings
4.10 gears
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Originally posted by 85BentupTrailToy:
<STRONG>You need to find some old geezer with a Taco TRD and talk him in to trading axles! </STRONG>
Skank, you out there? Doesn't this fit you?...well except for the trading axles part <IMG SRC="smilies/thefinger.gif" border="0">

Why doesn't somebody make a spool for the 8.4" <IMG SRC="smilies/crybaby2.gif" border="0">
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