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OK I know this is probably a newbie question, flame a way. Anyway I am NOT a newbie but this is a question mostly for my brother in law.

He just got a 87 Suburban, and wants to lift it 6" so he can get his 33's on now and go 35's in the future. He wants a GOOD nice comfy ride. Its mostly for show, it won't get off-roaded much, so there's no real need for crossover or anything. He needs the bare minimum to get the height. COMFORT is his big concern :rolleyes: so which kit is best? He wants springs all around, and he wants to have everything in one kit so he can just put it up on jackstands and do the lift in 1 day and drive it away. So steering and brakes have to be included too. What is the best source, and what brand kit?

Thanks guys!!!
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