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if they are early "double hump" "camel hump" heads, they probably dont have hardened seats, for use with unleaded gas. they also probably dont have accessory bolt holes for attaching things like alternators, power steering, air conditioning. These things can be attached, using aftermarket parts that cobble it together.

I would use the 882 casting, as it is almost as good, but it has a larger chamber and does have accessory bolt holes. it might even have hardened seats.

why bother with either, though? youre gonna spend more money trying to cobble them together than you would if you bought new parts. rebuilding a set of heads can easily run 400-600 bucks. new heads, vortecs, run 600 bucks complete and ready to bolt on, and flow more, too.

just an idea.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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