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ok here is the deal... I have the soa, cut and turn & the pinions are pointed at the t-case (front and rear).
I need to get me some salvage cv drivelines for my fj40, did the pirate & Ih8mud search.

still have these questions (lets put results in FAQ):
1. what are the best model / years for a cv driveline donor
- present thoughts (from search) are 84 and 85 mini's but 86 and later front cv's will work if you open them up.
- was just the front driveshaft a cv on these mini years :confused:

2. what are the stock lengths for these drivelines?

3. will the t-case side just bolt up (I think pinion side needs to be re-drilled).

4. will they provide me with some travel or should I find a shaft donor for that as well at the salvage yard?

5. Is this the best donor to use -- also read some about FJ60 shafts?

thanks in advance :)
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