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Let's put results in FAQ:

Good idea.:)

1. what are the best model / years for a cv driveline donor
- present thoughts (from search) are 84 and 85 mini's but 86 and later front cv's will work if you open them up.
- was just the front driveshaft a cv on these mini years :confused:

Toy Mini's were CV front, non-CV rear. Same on IFS truck.

2. what are the stock lengths for these drivelines?

I have no idea. Mine was IFS, and the only thing stock on it's driveshaft is the flange at one end.

3. will the t-case side just bolt up (I think pinion side needs to be re-drilled).

I don't know. I had to drill one side out for my new drivshaft after my solid axle conversion, the other side bolted up. If possible, do what I did: Back the 30MM nut out and pop the flange off of the tcase/axle. Drilling the holes takes a quarter the time with a drill press that it would under the vehicle holding the dril with aching arms.

4. will they provide me with some travel or should I find a shaft donor for that as well at the salvage yard?

Probably not. If you run some flexy springs on a mini, you need to get a long-slip shaft, so if you have any travel (and with good springs and an SOA I certanly hope you will)... you'll need to get the shaft re-worked.

5. Is this the best donor to use -- also read some about FJ60 shafts?

I don't know - that's one for the Land Cruiser forum.

Why not build a square shaft with the ends off of the minitruck drive shaft?

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