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you need an 8 bolt racetrack pattern 205 for the TH400. made from 80-87 or so. thats the easiest way. They had a 32 spline short input gear, 30 spline front out put which is easily upgraded to a 32 spliner from a ford or divorced Dodge case.

the 1350 one ton yokes that are common on the GM rear output will slide right on the ford front output shaft.

you can have modifications done to your unit to make it work too. a TH350 or sm465 design np205 have smaller bearings, and require machining to the proper size for the 32 spline short input. the short input is available for 97 bucks or so from www.tbtrans.com under the transfer case section. you need the 7 inch long version.

If you cant find one, let me know. i might could know where you could get one.
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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