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Which Rear Springs should I get?

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I was thinking about replacing my rear springs. The ones I have on there are toast.

I have been running FJ-60 rear springs because they are a little longer, and I flip the from fron to rear to possition the axle a little further back. I was thinking about ordering the same springs with about 2.5 inches of lift.

Remember, I have an FJ-40 with sprung under portals. I would consider going Coil overs if you know anybody that has some for sale cheap!

Oh, I do get a lot of axle wrap. I have a ladder bar in there now, but would love to hear some good spring options, or suspention designs.


Sorry for not being real specific, and somewhat unclear...it's early for me!
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Did ya catch my thread on Home Brew springs?

I have built a couple of sets and they work great, we only have specs for the 60s. Check them out and if you like PM me and I will try to get you a direct price from the spring shop.

I am sure I have seen your cruiser with mogs, just cannot remember what it looks like.

Oh I missed that thread, soweet looking rig.

I hate to say it or maybe Nolen has already asked, what do you figure the rig weighs?

I think thats not bad, only way to loose weight is to loose the body and I think they look way cool with the body on instead of a hood and grill only.

Sounds like a lot of the weight is in the rims, tires, axles which keep your center of gravity low.

Do you think if you went coils in the back you would be making a big improvement, 3link 4link? Or just stay springs and be happy with the heaps of clearance.

How does it perform?

1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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