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Which Rear Springs should I get?

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I was thinking about replacing my rear springs. The ones I have on there are toast.

I have been running FJ-60 rear springs because they are a little longer, and I flip the from fron to rear to possition the axle a little further back. I was thinking about ordering the same springs with about 2.5 inches of lift.

Remember, I have an FJ-40 with sprung under portals. I would consider going Coil overs if you know anybody that has some for sale cheap!

Oh, I do get a lot of axle wrap. I have a ladder bar in there now, but would love to hear some good spring options, or suspention designs.


Sorry for not being real specific, and somewhat unclear...it's early for me!
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Radd Cruisers said:
I am sure I have seen your cruiser with mogs, just cannot remember what it looks like.
Volvos, not mogs.
Thread from last year with pics : HERE

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