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Which tires, wheels, and SPOA kit? Got some money to spend!

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I'm ready to start spending some money on my stock samurai. I need a spoa, some wheels, and tires among other things. I have about $2,000 to spend right now. I'm going to do a general tune up, and the "flat spot fix" on my carb, and I'm looking at tires, wheels, and a spoa kit.

I've been looking at 31x11.50-15LT Interco/Super Swamper LTB. They look to be aggressive enough for my needs and from what I've seen are good quality. Anyone have any experienced opinions? I don't really intend to drive it daily, so I'm not concerned with noise or ride quality much. Mainly durability and traction. Mostly mud/trails, minimal if any rock crawling.

I'm also looking for good, cheap, strong wheels. I figured the typical "Rock Crawler" type. Best place to get them? Best price? Offset? Any opinions?

SPOA kits, I'm not sure what to get, there are so many out there. I see the Sky kit gets good reviews, what about home brew kits? If I go with a weld on, I'll need to find someone in the Tacoma, WA area that can weld :D.

Thanks for any opinions/experiences you can share.
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you made a good choice on tires. go with those. look for wheels with 2" of backspacing or less. you migth still need spacers on top of that.

you don't need to buy a SPOA kit. you can do this yourself. sammys are dead simple to lift. i did my spring over myself and it was cheap. i bought some alxe perches at a trailer supply shop, and got the ubolts measured at a transport truck shop. spend your money on extended brake lines and cross over steering.

don't forget to build solid front and rear tow points.

IMO get some 4.62 gears out of 2 trackicks and weld the rear.

good luck, post pics.
i'd get some automatic lockers, tires, wheels, a basic kit (spring perches and whatnot) for spoa, and the brake lines off a sidekick front match and are much longer than a sammy's. the driver side is the longest, about a foot longer I think. the other is maybe 6-8 inches longer than a sammy's. after that you should be broke.
only other thing to get is the gearing in the t-case after that.
of course, you've already taken care of the steering when you do the lift.
I say that you are off to a good start. I live in Vancouver, BC, and have the benefit of having Breeze Industries in my backyard. I've bought a lot of gear from them and would say that they build some of the beefiest pieces you can get for your Samurai. You should check out their website www.breezeindustries.com (a bit out dated) and have a look at what you can get for your lift. You can get a complete SPOA kit from them with drive line spacers, u-bolts, etc. for just over ~$225 CAD. Breeze also sells the spacer and can for your gear swap if you choose to do the 4.62 or 5.13 gears from a Trackick. You'll need those to setup your rear third to run the Trackick gears.

I even have some Interco TSL/SX Super Swampers that are 30x11.5x15 @ 75% on ARE Outlaw II 15X10's with 2" of backspacing (nice WIDE stance). I'm getting rid of those, so if you are interested send me an email at [email protected] and we can chat.
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Hey Pm me if you want to go the sidekick tracker brake line route. I have a set of fronts you can have for you build. They are used because I part the trackers out but still good. Later
Hey guys, thanks for all the info/tips. I'll probably go with a basic spoa, wheels & Tires, and see about gearing and lockers. I actually have more like 2500, but want to budget safely.
I agree you have a good start. I ran the regular TSL's in a 31x10.50 for many years with great results. They were great in the mud and snow, and even kicked it in the rocks! Have not used the LTB's. Look at the other post on trail toughs gear sale for t-case gears. Thats a great place to spend your coin. Get power steering and don't forget to get some birfield rings!!!!! You have a great budget to build a very capable sammy, if you can do some/most of the work your self that is. Good luck.
If you want to go a bit bigger just pm me and we'll talk. I'm going bigger and don't need any of my current stuff. I have 33" boggers (85% tred) complete yj set up, complete axles with 5.38 gears and lockrights f&r, x-over steering, extended lines, longer shocks, brand new rotors (4), spidertrax rear disc set up, custom track bar, wheel spacers, tons of stuff that you can just plug into your sammy and wheel. Not really looking to part stuff out but if you want a package deal let me know.
spoa is a nice start. when i did the first part of my project(so far the only part done) i just used skys spoa pads and got some napa brake lines, i can get the P/N if you need them. and thats all i did, so i dont have shocks. and my draglink hits the right leafspring when i turn to the right. but ive been drivin it around here and there. pretty scary since its not aligned at all. but i only spent less than $180
Well, I was all set to start spending, but the guy that had agreed to buy my Toyota backed out after I held it for him for 2 weeks. Kind of pissed me off heh, oh well, it's back on craigslist. As soon as it sells, then I get to blow some cash :)
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