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I'm building a rig in the UK.
I have been using Toy pickup stuff but just got side tracked.

I've got a set of 44/16.50/18.50 Ground hawgs
I'm gonna put em on a pair of Killeraxels ( the front diff has been flipped to the right ) that I've ordered with a set of Hummer rims.

I was going to go with a 1982 Toyota 4speed gearbox & an Advanced Addapters twin transfer box set up again using 1982 to 1984 transfer boxes ( early Mk 1 as wee call them ) ....
I've been told that the Toys 2nd gear is weak so I was thinking about moving away from the Toy stuff.

I've just been offered a 4 speed manual gearbox & transfer box from a 4.6 litre V8 Chevy S10 for silly money. The engine has long gone but I prefer the lighter, simpler & cheaper Rover 3.9efi V8

Are the Chevy S10 G & T boxes stronger than the Toy units ?

Adapting the Gearbox to the Rover V8 bellhousing doesn't look that hard.
Can I clock the Transfer box ?
Can it run upside down for the front output to be on the right hand side of the vehicle ?
Is there an Atlas for the Transfer box ? ( I looked but couldn't see a number )



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I've just been offered a 4 speed manual gearbox & transfer box from a 4.6 litre V8 Chevy S10
Never heard of that combination. In the US, the S10 has never been offered with a V8.

Also, I asked on here about the Toy 4 speeds and got comflicting opinions...some love em, some hate em....If I'm not mistaken, the 4 speed was 1979 only for Toy's in the US

Do a search about Rover bellhousings....I seem to remember something about adapting an International T18 gearbox to the Rover bellhousing, or maybe hte bellhousing patterns are the same??? I can't remember exactly....

Good luck with your project chap...it sounds like madness!:cool:
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