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who sells d44 8 lug wheel spacers?

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I need to clear hummer rims and I don't know where to find spacers or how much they are.

I have parts mike standard arms, so if anyone else has the setup, knowing what size is needed would be nice too. Otherwise, I'll just measure once I pick up my wheels in a couple of weeks.
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Did you try searching? I know there are lots of answers there :D
yes I did, you're wrong.

terms used:
d44 spacers

threads found: bunch of junk with nothing about WHO sells spacers.
looked at those threads, no places listed.

I didn't use wheel so that I would catch wheels.
Once again, try "wheel spacers" I just did, and there were a lot of threads. Search is your friend.
After reading ridiculous amounts of posts, and you guys padding a little here, I found out that
have wheel spacers. MC sells 8 lug, but I don't know if summit does or not. And no one has any idea how much they usually cost or should cost. Yep, that was really helpful. thanks for all your help.

edit: summit only makes 1/4", so it looks like the only manufacturerer in the world of wheel spacers is mcmotorsports.
gooooogle it. Results are awesome.
Being a Dana 44 makes no difference, especially if you're searching on those terms. An eight lug is an eight lug. It doesn't matter what axle it's on. They all have the same pattern, unless you're talking about a '99 and up Super Duty.
Search:flipoff2: :mad:
try this guy www.wheeladapter.com
he's given me a good deal in the past and he can custom make any width you want, and the quality is killer:)
White CJ7 said:
Search:flipoff2: :mad:

you're a goon. *pad*

thanks for the options Keith, sickfab, Rckratz. CSP, I wondered about that. I thought the D44 term might be limitiing my results unnecessarily.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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