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RedBullJeep said:
Bec and I have put it on our schedule tentatively...who else will be going the weekend of July 30? It's in Cortez, CO.
Also, who's competing with Rear Steer. If I'm gonna play, I want to use RS as I hate caryyinbg the extra weight and rock catching knuckles/ram if I can't use it. Obviously, I'll run without if I have to but what a bummer as it's so much fun.
So...who's gonna go? Who's a maybe???
Wells Brothers are in! Definately.
Your rear steer might come in handy if they throw a technical course at us.
I have a fresh 401 in the mountain goat and a little more experience this time.

Bring it on:D
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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