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THIS IS A GAG alert. DO NOT send the enclosed sample letter, but instead fax/call/write/ whatever a letter that says the opposite. Tell Feinstein that you are tired of losing YOUR LAND! tell he NO MORE WILDERNESS!!

Also - DO NOT use any form letters from the GAG sites...they can get "misused" against us to say the least....

* Your WILDALERT for Friday, February 14, 2003

California has some of the most spectacular wilderness areas in
America: Yosemite, Death Valley, Trinity Alps, Ventana and many more.
But many other areas on California's public lands, just as deserving
of permanent protection, remain at risk from logging, mining, oil
drilling and dirt bike and other off-road vehicle abuse.

Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-CA) will soon reintroduce the California Wild
Heritage Act, which would forever protect 2.5 million acres of
wilderness and 400 miles of Wild and Scenic Rivers in California. We
need your help to encourage Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) to cosponsor
the California Wild Heritage Act.

You can take action immediately from

Sen. Boxer introduced the California Wild Heritage Act in the last
Congress and will soon reintroduce it. The bill would protect
spectacular California landscapes such as:

* the King Range, the longest undeveloped coast in the lower 48 states;
* the White Mountains, second largest roadless area in our national
forests and home to ancient bristlecone pines, Earth's oldest living
* Feather Falls, sixth highest waterfall in the country; and,
* the Clavey River, the most intact watershed in the Sierra Nevada range.

In all, Sen. Boxer's bill would add 2.5 million acres to the National
Wilderness Preservation System and 400 miles to the National Wild and
Scenic River System. Just as important, the bill would protect
important plant and animal species, recreational opportunities,
drinking water for California communities and economic benefits
derived from tourism.

These places are still wild today, but are far from safe. Today, only
one major California river and its tributaries, the Smith River,
flows freely from its headwaters to the sea. And a 1998 survey by the
California Wilderness Coalition found that over the last 20 years in
California, we've lost 675,000 acres of wild lands, an area nearly
the size of Yosemite National Park. The activities that devoured the
wildness of those lands and waters continue to threaten the areas
included in Sen. Boxer's wilderness bill: logging, mining, oil
drilling, dirt-bike and other off-road-vehicle abuse.

Over 200 conservation, hunting and angling and community groups
support Sen. Boxer's bill. So do 450 businesses and 130 local elected
officials. The California Legislature has endorsed the measure, as
have the San Francisco, San Diego and San Luis Obispo City Councils,
and the Boards of Supervisors in Santa Cruz and Marin Counties. The
Los Angeles Times, Oakland Tribune, and the San Mateo County Times
have also written in support of the measure.

Sen. Dianne Feinstein has been a solid friend of the environment
again and again. She was the champion of the 1994 California Desert
Protection Act and more recently the defender of the Sierra Nevada
range and the California Spotted Owl. The California Wild Heritage
Act will need her support if it is to pass in Congress.

Please take a moment to call or fax Sen. Feinstein. Thank her for her
strong environmental record in the U.S. Senate and for her recent
efforts to protect the Sierra Nevada range and the California Spotted
Owl and her leadership in protecting the California Desert. Tell her
we need her leadership again and urge her to support the California
Wild Heritage Act.

You can send that message to Sen. Feinstein immediately from

If you prefer to send your own letter, feel free to draw from the
sample letter below; please use your own words when you can. And if
you've visited any of the spectacular areas that are part of the
California Wild Heritage Act, please say so. You can mail or fax your
comments to:

Senator Dianne Feinstein
One Post Street
Suite 2450
San Francisco, CA 94104
Phone: 415-393-0707
Fax: 415-393-0710

Thank your for your help on this important issue and thank you for
being part of WildAlert, our online community
of wilderness advocates!


Dear Senator Feinstein:

California's wildlands and rivers are some of the most spectacular in
the world. They provide clean drinking water to our communities,
homes for plants and animals, unmatched recreational opportunities
for millions and tourism dollars to our economy. Sadly, we are
steadily losing important pieces of our forests, deserts, rivers and

As the champion of the California Desert Protection Act and defender
of the Sierra Nevada Framework and the California Spotted Owl, you
know how important it is for us to preserve California's wilderness
for future generations. The California Wild Heritage Act will provide
that protection for some of our most precious remaining wild lands
and rivers.

Support for the bill is unparalleled in its depth and diversity. Over
200 conservation and outdoors groups have endorsed the legislation.
So have 450 businesses, 130 local elected officials, the California
Legislature, San Francisco, San Diego and San Luis Obispo City
Councils and boards of supervisors in Santa Cruz and Marin Counties.

I thank you for the leadership you've provided over the years on
important land conservation issues and write now to ask your help
again. Please help protect California's spectacular wild lands and
rivers by supporting the California Wild Heritage Act.


(Your name)

We are so grateful for your activism on behalf of our nation's wild
places. Recently, we have been sending additional messages to you, a
reflection of the level of activity surrounding our national lands
that is taking place in Congress and within the federal agencies. We
need your help more than ever, but we're also aware that too many
messages can lead to subscriber burnout. Please be assured that we
will return to once- weekly messages whenever it is possible to do
so. Thanks for your patience, your passion, and your action!

The only thing that ever sat its way to success was a hen.
-Sarah Brown

If you have a question, comment or complaint, please email us at this
address: <mailto:[email protected]>[email protected]

You can take action on this alert either via email (please see
directions below) or via the web at:

Visit the web address below to tell your friends about this campaign.

We encourage you to take action by April 19, 2003

Ask Sen. Feinstein to Protect Cal Wilderness


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Peter, I'm going risk pissing a few people off like I did the last time boxer's idiotic idea came around, but anyway, those of you who know about me know I am not saying this lightly and generally have a pretty good handle on land use issues .

We need to keep an eye on this, but I said it last time and was right while a lot of people said the sky was falling, and I'm gonna say it again. Until if and when boxer tones it down about 99% it is too ridiculous a proposal to go anywhere. BUT , if you totally ignore stuff like this it comes around to bite you in the ass later.

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Brad, while I value your input tremendously, I will have to hold my original position and say that we need to KILL this thing now. Like you said, I don't think its going anywhere right now (in its Current form) BUT we need to completely wipe it off the face of the planet (just like boxer ;) )....remember CARA... everyone said the same thing, such an extreme bill won't go anywhere... we let our gaurd down after we thought it was dead and back it came (with a few minor changes) and squeaked by.... I don't think we should give this one a chance to get rewritten.... we need to push to have the entire bill shit-canned and the only way I know to do that is to remove ALL political support for it and let it die... feinsteins position could very well be the key in doing this..



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YellowSub1962 said:
...feinsteins position could very well be the key in doing this..


I think that's the key right there. boxer is considered somewhat of an idiot by the rest of Congress, but for some crazy reason difi has a little bit of credibility. boxer's total lack of that key component is what made it die in the first place. BUT, what I think a lot of folks are missing is what was the big killer of the bill last time around, it got killed in committee, and I'll just bet you, especially with the guys that are controlling key committees now, that it will again die in committee. As long as the balance of power is the way it is now, that is going to be the fate of the bill as many times as the dummy sees fit to submit it.

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"Rep. George Radanovich, CA-19th, will chair the Subcommittee on National Parks, Recreation and Public Lands"

If you recall he is the one that vowed last year to kill it in committee, guess what, he's back.:D

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From Chris Vargas - Warrior's Society (good guys):

Below is the alert that will be sent out to my lists requesting they
petition Senator Feinstein to NOT cosponsor the CWC and Boxer's wilderness

I suggest you modify the message for your particular recreation or property
rights activist organizations and ask them to circulate it.

If we all just gathered one page of signatures we would counter any campaign
by the CWC. The PDF petition file is available by request. Thanks to Larry
Thompson and John Stewart for helping out with the editing of the petition
and the alert (and the CWC for providing a template - their alert - to
refute them).


Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-CA) will soon reintroduce the California Wild Heritage
Act, which would severally affect our access to 2.5 million acres of forest
and 400 miles of rivers in California. We need your help to discourage Sen.
Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) from cosponsoring the California Wild Heritage Act.

In the latest release from the California Wilderness Coalition, they are
pushing their supporters through the use of petitions, calls, letters and
faxes to lobby Senator Feinstein to cosponsor the Wilderness Bill. They
began this push at the beginning of the year and will continue it through
April 19th.

They are out getting signatures from the general public to support
wilderness when the general public does not understand how this will affect
their access and the management of their public lands to prevent wildfires.
They are hoping to get 100,000 signatures to present to Senator Feinstein.

We need your help to let Senator Feinstein know that there are many others
who understand the ramifications this bill will have on the management of
our forests to protect against devastating fires and our access to them. We
also need to stress the need for the use of other designations that would
protect our access.

To date, the senior senator from California has been withholding support.
This push could change that stance. Please consider this a high priority
item to generate your own letter and promoting your own petition gathering
signatures in opposition to the bill and asking your local bike shop to do
the same. You can make a big difference! If we all just gathered one page of
signatures we would counter any campaign by the California Wilderness
Coalition. Feinstein's mailing address is located at the bottom of the

A pre-prepared petition can be printed off our web site at:

http://www.warriorssociety.org/Wilderness/Senator Feinstein Petition.pdf

A sample letter and her contact info are below. While this wilderness bill
may not pass through congress this session, it will become a campaign issue
during the election year cycle.

Even if you intend to gather signatures on a petition - as icing in the cake
please fax or call Senator Feinstein and ask her not to cosponsor the bill.


Dear Senator

I thank you for the leadership you've provided over the years on important
land conservation issues. I also appreciate and support your hesitancy in
cosponsoring the California Wild Heritage Act sponsored by fellow California
Senator Barbara Boxer.

I ask that you do not cosponsor this bill, which would drastically affect
our ability to manage our forests to protect against devastating fires, as
well as restrict our ability to recreate in them.


(Your name)

Senator Dianne Feinstein
One Post Street
Suite 2450
San Francisco, CA 94104
Phone: 415-393-0707
Fax: 415-393-0710

* Write a Letter to the Editor of your local paper!

Writing a letter to the editor (LTE) is a simple and effective way to
inform the general public - and more importantly, your elected officials

- About the importance of protecting California's remaining wild lands
and rivers by management methods not allowed by wilderness, such as
protection against devastating fires. Many forests are in need of projects
to remove diseased trees that add to the fire danger. There have been
several great stories around the state you can write a LTE in response to.

- Protecting wild places by use of proper fire management that is not
allowed under wilderness is good for the economy. Visitors to our forests
and other public lands generate an additional $44 per acre per year of
spending in nearby communities.

- Protecting our wilderness and wild rivers from devastating fires
protects the homes of plants and wildlife - including hundreds of threatened
and endangered species.

- The effect this bill will have in closing off trails and roads we
have historically had recreational access to.

- Mention your favorite area or trail, why you love it, and how
this wilderness bill will affect your access to it.

Please take five minutes to send off a quick (200 words or less) LTE to
your local paper(s). You can use the talking points below, and be sure to
include your name, address, and phone number (to confirm you are the author,
should they want to print it).

You can easily find the contact information for your local newspaper at :


but here are a few major outlets:

Sacramento Bee - [email protected] - fax 916-321-1996

SF Chronicle - [email protected] - fax 415-896-1107

LA Times - [email protected] - fax 213-237-4712

Monterey Co. Herald - [email protected] - fax 831-372-8401

San Jose Mercury News - [email protected] - fax 408-288-8060

San Diego Union-Tribune - [email protected] - fax 619-293-1440

Contra Costa Times - [email protected] - fax 925-933-0239

The Warrior's Society
A Tax-Exempt Organization under 501 C (4) if the IRS Code
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