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Willys CJ-MB Offroad Toy

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I've been going to places like Haspin Acres and Badlands in Attica all my life, and always liked the 4x4's. My family has a collection of amphibious atv's, but I also wanted something different to play with. So I decided I needed a Willys Jeep :D

I found it in IL, and went on a 2am run on a Thursday to snag it before someone else bought it on Friday. It's been a fun project ever since. My goal is to make it look like a Willys MB, so I've been gathering pieces such as the grill, shovel, etc. Here it was as purchased:


After a transmistion rebuild, carb, windshield, etc:


It is my first 4x4, so it's been a learning process. Hopefully I'll get to put the newly acquired pieces on and paint it OD soon. Of course... necessary testing has begun. It's a great vehicle to take friends to Bundy Hill in! Everyone at the park stops and gawks at it :D

Willys CJ2A Goes for a Swim @ Bundy Hill - YouTube
Willys CJ2A Trail Riding/Rock Crawling @ Bundy Hill - YouTube
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Holy picture size batman !!!!

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