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Just in case anyone is interested in a sticker for Jason, there is a guy on GMFullsize.com that is making this sticker and selling them.

The guy goes GoNDown on GMFULLSIZE.com

Just thought I'd post up the info for everyone.

$10 each, with $5 of that going to the donation fund.
plus $2 shipping, so $12 each shipped.

my paypal address is:
[email protected]
please be sure to include your GMFS screen name, along with your full name & address.
GoNDown said:
i was recently contacted by ken, jason's dad, to make some t-shirts for their friends & family. he also asked that i make them available for jason's internet friends.
once again i will be donating a portion to the fund set up for jason.

if anyone is interested please let me know.
they will be available in small - 2XL.

small-XL will be $16 shipped & the 2XL's will be $18 shipped.



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I got mine in the mail the day before yesterday.
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