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Thought i'd post the spec the pootrol is at for the challenge next weekend:

ARB Lockers front and rear
5 inch suspension lift
2 inch body lift
15psi boost with no intercooler (no money left)
VHF and UHF radios
Plasma Winch Rope (40 metres) plus 2 spares
ground anchor, tree trunk protectors etc
35x12.5x15 General Grabber MT's on 10 inch rims
34x10.5.15 Simex Trekker II's on 7 inch rims as spares
TJM bullbar (lifted 2 inch's)
PTO winch fitted into winch bar (bit of a mission)
7x100w Halogen flood/pencil beam spots plus 75 watt standard headlights

Cost a shit load to get this far but should be worth it - pictures coming soon.

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Right on!! Let's see some pics.

Last year my wife and I toured the north island and were able to hire a Maori with a Defender 110 for a day of private country 4 wheeling . Saw lots of Patrols and Samis out there. Very cool place to visit, hope to get back there this March to tour the South Island.

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