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Winches: All Classes

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The Mod Stock winch thread got me thinking of several instances where I came up with issues on winches this year... Please remember that Recovery time is the #1 down time at all events.

First was:
"The winch rules states that you must have a minch, not that it works" - BZ earlier this year during an extraction

second was:
"Unhook my winch? Wait you're going to use MY winch to winch ME? Well it doesn't unhook, so you're gonna have to get the recovery vehicle" - I forget who this was, but is kind of pissed me off when it was said to me. I think it happened at Sequatchie, the one site I think we all hate the most, lol. Furthermore the rules don't actually say that they must be ready for self recovery, but this could turnover the event time ten fold.

So this should be resolved, but it is not as important as the other topics. I just wanted to say something while I was thinking about it late at night in China with little to do but sleep and this...

Also, we have refined the recovery situation compared to everyone else and there is more room for success here. Ranch and many others think it is course time that get vehicles through quicker. Notice, we have never once changed course time, yet are still the fastest show with more vehicles than anyone else and harder and more technical courses. The reason why our events move quickly? Extractions... Recoveries... and everythin else that makes time cut down by using a winch.

Thanks for thinking about this, I think it would make my life as an event director and your as a team easier.
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There must be ONE winch, somewhere on the vehicle, that fits the rule. It can be in the front or rear or center of the rig.
to confirm, will this rule apply to formula Toy also??
ok, I talked to Big Rich. This rule WILL apply to the F-toy class.
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