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I was at a run two weeks ago and I noticed my power steering was a little low. There was a guy there that seemed knowledgeable and confident that told me that ATF fluid and power steering fluid were basically the same thing, after all they are both hydraulic systems. I poured in about 1/3 of a quart of ATF fluid to top it off.

I got a chance to wheel again yesterday and after it heated it up the power steering started to squeal like a stuck pig. Letting it cool helped but as soon as it heated up again it started to squeal again. When I checked the fluid in the reservoir it had small bubbles on the top of the fluid.

The motor/power steering pump is from a 1995 ZJ (Grand Cherokee). It powers a chief ram using a Danfoss orbital.

The ram
Power steering pump (toward front) and extra reservoir (yellow cylinder)

Other than low fluid, what would cause it to squeal like that?
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