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Wrangler YJ Springs

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Wrangler YJ Springs SOLD

Selling my stock 89 YJ leaf springs. They were on a stock, never off road, wrangler and are in great condition. SOLD I will consider delivery to Georgetown CA on the weekend of the 4th.

These have been sold.

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Will you ship?

If so, how much to 57703?
I will ship and I will get a price for you on Monday.
Will you ship? Yes

If so, how much to 57703? $88.50 for the shipping of 4 springs.

whats up...

do you still have the yj springs? if you do I can pick them up today if you get back to me soon...


831 588 4550
I am interested in these springs. I could pick them up anytime as I live close by.

Call me 530 677 0544
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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