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<font color="yellow">got this from http://clorv.org/Letter_Writing_Campaigns/letter_writing_campaigns.htm

I'm not 100% sure I like the wording, but it's a definate start to getting a letter written, and a lot better than no letter at all...</font c>

It has come to our attention that the California Desert District is in the process of generating new Management Plans for the various California Desert regions. They are essentially "Environmental Impact Statement."
As a result, recreation opportunities, particularly motorized recreation will be significantly reduced in the desert regions.
These "management plans" are in stark contrast to the commitment, made by BLM State Director Mike Pool, to balance protection between the environment, and off road recreationalists.
Please send a copy of this letter to your Congressman, as well as forwarding a copy to BLM State Director Mike Pool.
Thank you for your hard work and continued vigilance.

begin letter

TO: (Your Congressman's name and address)

Dear Congressman_______________:

I am writing to you regarding a situation that is becoming totally intolerable to anyone who enjoys recreating on public lands. I am referring to the new land management plans being developed by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) for the California Desert District and its five sub districts.

Although these documents are labeled "Management Plans" they are clearly Environmental Impact Statements (EIS). As such, they describe reasons and methods to close down recreation areas if the use of such areas can be shown to be impacting the environment. No provisions are made in any of these plans to protect recreation opportunities for the human beings who enjoy outdoor recreation of all kinds. It is clear that, if new BLM plans continue to only allow for the ongoing reduction of recreation opportunities, it is only a matter of time until public recreation on BLM Managed lands becomes extinct!

Please understand that I am in favor of environmental protection. The problem, as I see it, is that the Endangered Species Act has taken precedence over the United States Constitution! In the new desert plans/EIS's, species that are not even on the threatened or endangered lists are being given consideration without regard for the impact on recreation opportunities. The enviro-extremist organizations suggest that they want to preserve pristine areas for future generations to enjoy. The way things are going in the California Desert District, future generations will only be able to enjoy desert areas by viewing them on television.

Please support those citizens who enjoy recreation, including motorized recreation, on public lands by insisting that new BLM Management Plans be real management plans and not just Environmental Impact Statements! Help us make the BLM managers listen to our concerns just as they listen to the concerns of the enviro-extremist organizations! Surely, it is possible to develop management plans that are balanced and allow for public recreation on public lands while protecting significantly sensitive environmental areas.

Thank you for considering my plea. Outdoor recreationists of all types need your help!

With best regards,

(Your complete name and address)

cc: Mike Pool, State Director
Bureau of Land Management
California State Office
2800 Cottage Way, Suite W1834
Sacramento, CA 95825-1886
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