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So I just got my first FSM for the 1988 4skinner and truck. As I was flipping through it I noticed a section talking about the turbo and I thought it odd but I went on with it, then I go to the engine section and I see block removal instructions for the 22-RE and 22-RTE and I keep flipping and get to the instructions for the 22-R and it stops.

WTF? No mention of the 3vze. Plain as day on the cover it says 1988 Repair Manual. I feel like I may be going insane, but has anyone else heard of this? I got it off of e-bay, but it looks as official as they come. The copyright on the inside said 1987. Do I need to email this guy and see what is up with that? I usually wouldn't be so bent about it except the two vehicles I want to service are both 88 V6s.

So my question is has anyone heard of this before or does it seem I got some sort of misprint?

Here is a link to the same guy on ebay with the same 88 manual
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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