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With three kids, we have outgrown my CJ, and I am looking for something to seat 5. I'm open to most anything, but have been impressed with some of the Grand Cherokee builds I've seen on here. Needs to be able to handle 60-70 on the road, but still be able to drop in on the trail.

let me know if you've got anything or have seen anything. I'm located in MS, so West Coast stuff is out unless it's just a give away price...

Would prefer to buy, but would also consider trading my CJ (hate to give it up).

Did you build the CJ?
if so, then build yourself a Grand wagoneer.
They are cheap to buy (bought mine for $100 it needed a tranny) and very easy to modify for off road.
I built a 75 wagoneer myself, it's great has 4 doors, seats 6 and is lighter than other full sizes, and slimmer too.
I can point you to a place where you will see examples:

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