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Looking for a Jeep Cherokee (XJ) but not just any Cherokee.

Must Have:
1997 or Newer
ABS - Yes I want it to have Antilock Brakes
4.0L I6
4 Door
Not Purple, Yellow, or Gold

1997 - 1999
Country, Classic, or Limited package
Bonus Points for leather interior
Bonus Points for NP242 Transfer Case
Power Windows/Locks
Cruise Control
Bone stock, no lift or questionable "off road" modifications

I'm not too concerned about mileage, am okay with one that needs a little TLC, but don't want someones ragged out mudder. I'm not interested in anything located in the rust belt, within ~500 miles of central Arkansas would be ideal.

Not looking for a wheeler, just a daily driver capable XJ for SWMBO.



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Was a long day, about 13 hours round trip on the road yesterday. I drove up to St. Louis and bought this 2001, Limited, 4x4, with ABS. Needs some TLC, but I'm pleased so far. No longer in the market for an XJ now I'm in the market for parts/upgrades.

I'd like to get an NP242 on the cheap.


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