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I'm located in TN.

I will to drive to bordering states to pick items up or pay to have them shipped.

Nick @ (317) 289-9058 or [email protected]

I'm having a helluva time finding a TH400/NP205 combo. I'm looking for complete combos or seperate pieces (TH400 by itself, NP205 by itself or NP241C by itself).

TH400/NP208 Combo
TH400/NP205 (Figure 8 Pattern)

TH400 that was mated to an NP208
TH400 that was mated to an NP205

NP241C Passenger Drop
NP205 Big Bore 32 Spline (Figure 8 Pattern)

Preferably TH400's that came from a gas truck.

Core/Builder TH400's are fine as long as they have everything and the case itself doesn't have damage.

I'm not looking for empty Transmissions or T-Cases.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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