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Ok I am on the east coast(tn).
I am open to all trades so dont be scared to offer anything. I need it do be my daily driver though. Nothing too radical. Other than that im open to anything close.
I was asking 6k for my car but i would consider any rig 5k and up.

95' SE integra (OBD1) apr. 174k
97' Ls motor (OBD2) apr. 74k
Crossed drilled and slotted rotors
Short Shifter
Intake and exhuast
Ractive racing seats
Sparco Harnesses
18" Tenzo-r Shu4's (needs tires-Riding on steelies)
Kenwood head unit
Concept speakers

I have pictures but my host site is down.
I will email someone with a red star if they will host for me. Thanx
1 - 20 of 40 Posts
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