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It was originally a 1980 pickup, it is 4 linked in the rear with the rears up front. it has a 22r with a holley carb and full length header, the original 4 speed trans but i will throw in a 5 speed with it. It has a Marlin 4.7 kit in the t-case, 5.29s in the axles with a detroit in the front and welded in the rear, it has 38.5 tsls in the front and 38.5 boggers in the rear. Disk brakes all the way around. I have a set of high steer arms for it and also have everything you need for full hydro steering (including the charlynn valve) except for the hoses just havent had time to get it put on.

That is the only picture i have of it right now but can get some more.

I am asking $5500 but would really rather trade for a Streetable Jeep: CJ, YJ, or TJ or a 4 wheel drive four wheeler, or i will possibly consider other offers.
If you have any questions pm me. Thanks.
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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