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WTT: TJ Full Doors for half doors

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I've got a set of black full hard doors on my '97 TJ. I traded these a few years ago for my original half doors and now want to go back to half doors. The doors are black, with dark grey panels. The doors have some light scratches but no dents. Also worth mentioning, on the driver door, the bottom most part of the thread on the door-pin bolt broke off when I originally put these on. The broken part is where the nut actually tightens down the pin if that makes sense. The door is still held in place with both hinges, but is only secured down with one nut. If the other person is concerned about the hinge, I will trade hinges as well in the deal.

Looking for a direct trade, my full doors for your half doors with uppers. Preferably black doors! These are located in Sacramento area, looking for someone to trade in the local area. Last time I shipped doors the UPS driver dropped my doors on the corner, then proceeded to roll them into the driveway for the guy who bought them.
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Yeah, I saw those doors. They look pretty cool, but I've heard they rattle a lot - anyone have experience with them?
i got white ones with grey panels ill trade. located in sacto also.
also have bestop uppers the ones with sliding windows.
Doors are gone, thanks James!
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