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Can this be done to a TJ with HD HP D44 with RE brackets and a 3" Suspension Lift with Chevy TRE's.

Can someone point me to some detailed pics of such a steering system as I cannot locate any with the searches that I have done. I have seen Nasviks site, but he did not end up going with true cross over steering. I have seen Billa Vista's excellent web site on steering but there are no TJ pics there.

My heap has been off the road for 3 months and sorting the steering out is the last thing I need to do. I want to use Chevy TRE's and I would like to go full X-over high steer, however I don't seen to be able to find anyone else who has done this. With full X-over it looks like there will be binding between the draglink and the Tie Rod (this is using the stock TJ Pitman arm). I cannot put the Tie Rod too close to the ball joint in the knuckle because then the tie rod looks like it will hit the coils...

Hard to do this in Australia, where so few others have done this.

Your advice and time is much appreciated.


Rod Walker
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