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X2 Rock Race - Prarie City, CA
April 26-27, 2008

Story and Photos by Kurtuleas

X2 Rock Racing launched its exciting new rock racing series at Prairie City OHV Park just outside of Sacramento, California, on Saturday June 7th.


With two classes, Novice and Pro, running side by side single elimination after two qualifying rounds, the action was fast and furious, only timing out for carnage removal. With a novice (AKA sportsman's) class, the series also allows the "weekend warrior" to get into the action.

The course was well planned out with a down hill stretch into two massive rock piles and a whoop placed right in front of the bleachers. The rigs then continued on in another quick section up a hill into a tight left turn and then down an off-camber slope. The final dash ended in a straight away up hill with several more possibilities for massive air. Not only was the course laid out for competition, course designers made sure that the audience could be in full view of all the action. With many competitors finishing the race in just over a minute, round two, which has been set tentatively for August 9th at Prairie City, will feature a slightly longer course.

The biggest upset of the day was in round 2 of the Pro class. Jason Scherer and co-pilot Lance Clifford were heavily favored in Scherer's LS7 powered rig. They pulled ahead of Chris Ridgeway early in the course over the first few rock piles. Fully getting it into the last downhill section, Scherer blasted into the last turn and rolled his rig. This allowed Ridgeway to come away with the win and go into the final race versus Kevin Yoder who had just defeated Jason Willis to move on to the final.

In the final race, Ridgeway gave Yoder a run for his money, bumping him several times throughout the course. With Ridgeway hot on his tail through much of the course, Yoder was still able to come away with the win in the Pro Class.

Final Results:

Pro Class
  1. Kevin Yoder
  2. Chris Ridgeway
  3. Jason Scherer
  4. Jason Willis
  5. Glenn Bonner
Sportsman Class
  1. Phil Blurton
  2. Chris "Bird" Elrod
  3. Bill Thompson
  4. Anthony Lee
  5. Jeremy Hengal
  6. Kirk Sorensen
  7. Mike "Cheeks" McMenomey

With such a great start, the X2 Rock Racing series promises to deliver more exciting and competitive events this season and well into 2009 with a traveling series. The series is being sponsored by Unbound Energy Drink and will also be shown in high definition on MAV TV. http://www.mavtv.com

For more information please visit: www.x2rockracing.com

Pics and Captions

Ridgeway managed to hang with Yoder thru most of the final race.

DSC_0722-2.jpg DSC_0721-1.jpg
Yoder fully getting it in front of the crowd.

DSC_0512-1.jpg DSC_0521-1.jpg
Scherer's LS7 powered rig made short work of the course and blasted rock.

This is the only view most young Jedi ever have of Master Yoder.

DSC_0446.jpg DSC_0239.jpg DSC_0244-1.jpg DSC_0254-2.jpg
The boys from Orangevale, the Rock Zombies, were not only on hand to help with the event, they were there to race! Here Jeremy Hengal proceeds to break stuff.

Scherer pulls ahead of Glenn Bonner.

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