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Ok here is the list of games with the Gamecube.

One controller
Capcom vs SNK2
NFL Blitz Pro
Metroid Prime
NBA Street
Def Jam Vendetta
Soul Caliber 2

2 controller, DVD remote and link
DOA Volleyball
Max Payne 2
Xmen Next dimension
Brute Force
SNK Capcom SVC Chaos
Ninja Gaiden
Leisure Suit Larry-Magna Cum Laude
STreet Fighter Anniversary Collection
Lord of the Rings-Return of the King
Soul Caliber 2
Demo Disc with Star Wars-clone wars and Tetris

Xbox, 300 plus shipping OBO, 200 plus shipping for Cube OBO

This is what I have iun front of me and if i find anythign else that goes with it I will put that in too. I think I got a book or two I am not sure.


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my father in law really needs something to do other than watch TV after his nasty back injury... and I want to get him an xbox, but I don't want a bunch of games with it. He probably wouldn't be into most of the games you have listed there anyway. Would you seperate and sell just the xbox system, 2 controllers, AV / power cables, the demo disk and LotR: RotK? I'm sure you could score some $$$ for the rest of the games and probably come out of the deal with more $$$ that way.

lemme know, thanks,

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