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Well guys... i was given a really good deal on a used XJ... its a green sticker XJ and last years Jeepspeed champion truck.... It is chassis and full racing cage only... no engine, drivetrain ect. which i kind of like because i have the option of doing whatever i want with this thing...

i know it doesnt look like much but the foundation is already their... most of the hard work is already done so i couldnt pass it up even if its on the low priority list of rigs that i need to finish.... im considering gutting the body and making a buggy out of it... sheet metal and tubing only :)

All the doors and fiberglass fenders come with the XJ... so if i wanted to turn it back into a nice XJ i could

so my questions to you guys is.... what should i make? should i make it into a full raced out Jeepspeed truck again? or should i make a good 4 seater rock crawler??? i do plan on doing a full coil over suspension on this thing... beefed up axles, and prob a supped up 5.0L... and no i dont want to put a diesel in this one :) want to keep it as light as possible... also im trying to determine what lift kit to get... i want to 4 link this bad boy and not use any leaf springs... what do you guys think of this kit:http://www.rockkrawler.com/
..... any other suspension kits you recommend? i def want to run at least 35's but would rather run 37's....here are the pics i got of her...

let me know your guys opinions

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