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I picked up a 99 XJ 2wd to us as parts for my YJ. It has a wrecked front right corner as well as the entire front grill asembly, the damage isnt too bad so I might just keep it and give it a jeep speed look for my kid.
I have seen some older trucks at pick a part and can get them really cheap,

So what other years will bolt up? I was planning on getting a complete front grill clip, And then go with fiberglass fenders front and rear (possibly).

The inner wheel well under the battery was crushed, the suspension points still look good, is this area structural? I was going to cut it out and replace it with a donor piece from an older model.

How much lift is good for a DD? And what size tire can you run? I was thinking of a 31 or 32 33 too big?

Thanks for any help you can give

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