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J.D. you better get that XJ fixed before we go camping this summer.

Here are a few things to look at to eliminate the easy stuff.
1. Tranny fluid level. (you've checked that)
2. Condition of fluid. Older fluid will lose it's effectiveness over time and use.
3. engine idle speed. While not too important, it could be sending wrong signals to your ECM/PCM thus making the tranny act like it's working under another condition.
4. Throttle valve linkage. This could put your tranny into the wrong shift points. While not that likely, wouldn't hurt to check anyway while you are there.
5. Shift control linkage. May be not a problem, but just make sure that it is properly adjusted.

The above listed is what the basic home mechanic can do. Anything else and it could be in the solenoids, bands and clutches, lock-up torque converter, PCM signal, governor or modulator, servos, shift valves, hydraulic pistons and cylinders, or even the accumulator for the servo to smooth out shifting.

Good luck. :)
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