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XJ Question: Stock wheel/Compatibility

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This might have fit a little better on the newb forum but here goes:

I'm looking to add a few inches to my '89 Cherokee so I can fit a little more rubber under her. Is there a way to find out what tires my stock wheels are compatible with? I'd like to avoid spending money on new wheels for various reasons (including the financial ones) unless there's an argument for buying bigger/different wheels.

The tires that are on her right now are P205x45R15. I've seen some photos of some of the rides that have been posted on this and other forums and I'm thinking maybe 30s on the 15s if that's doable.

All wisdom and advice is appreciated.
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supremo said:
This might have fit a little better on the newb forum but here goes:

All wisdom and advice is appreciated.
It would be wise to take your own advice.:flipoff2:
This crap is so out of place it's pathetic. Those who responded seriously are just helping to propagate the problem. They should be banned for a week.

This post should be getting flamed over in the Newbie forum, after all, the newb forum is the place to grow up and learn our ways. A simple search could have answered this kiddie shit.

If we don't maintainance this situation, it will get outta hand quick-like.
Those of you who are offended by this attitude need to read
this and pay close attention to 37, 38, and 81.:flipoff: :flipoff:
J-Dogg said:
Leave the moderating to the moderators.
I didn't read this until after the fact, but did you see this post?

I don't wanna end up having to scroll down thru 3 pages of this kinda crap just to find 1 or 2 interesting threads. This site is huge, more new folks are showing up everyday and that is fine, but they need to follow the guidelines the rest of us use.
1 - 3 of 15 Posts
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